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Our History

In the fall of 2011, Kim Overtree and Kevin Tracy were sitting on Kim's porch when they started throwing around the idea of a new theater group. They both enjoyed working with all of the other area groups, but felt that there was room for one more. This company would produce theater that put on an emphasis on entertaining and challenging the audience. The idea for Ghost Light Theater was born.

Over the next few months the pair mentioned the idea to colleagues and friends. The idea for this company was met with enthusiasm. They started talking about what Ghost Light would be, they compiled lists of shows they would like to see produced. In the meantime, both were hard at work directing, acting, and staffing in several other shows.

The remaining obstacle was one of space. Western Massachusetts has few performing spaces that met Ghost Light's need and budget. The board at The Shea Theater offered Ghost Light the opportunity to begin its journey at their facility, a building Kim and Kevin have both worked extensively in. Beginning with their first production, Ghost Light Theater was born