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A Dark Comedy
by Tracy Letts

Outside Oklahoma City: Late 90's
Agnes, a down on her luck divorcee, has all but shut herself off from the world in her motel room. Peter, a Gulf War vet with a dark past, wanders the midwest. When they meet, Between visits from her dangerous ex-husband, Agnes finds herself caught up in Peter's assertion that they are being monitored. Together they become more isolated, going down a dark path of drugs, paranoia, and delusion. Or is it?

Directed by Kevin Tracy
Produced by Kimberly Overtree

Agnes - Tiffany Rae Whitfill
Peter - Colin J. Allen
R.C. - Christine Voytko
Goss -
Dr. Sweet - Joe Van Allen

Presented at The Shea Theater
August, 2014

The Woman in Black
Directed by Kevin Tracy
Produced by Kim Overtree

The young Arthur Kipps is sent on a mission by his law firm to settle the affairs of hermit and widower Alice Drablow. He travels to the town of Crything Gifford, where no one will speak of Mrs. Drablow. Eel Marsh House lies on a salt flat, out of town. Kipps sees visions of a mysterious woman in black, though no one will tell him who she is. Over the next few days his experiences will shape the rest of his life as he travels between the word of the living and meeting things not of this world, things that are dead.

Join us for Ghost Light Theater's first production, one of the longest running shows in the West End. A two actor play which relies on the imagination of the audience, light, and sound. A terrifying journey through one man's experiences, prepare for a night of hair raising terror!

Presented at The Shea Theater
July 2013