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Our "Board'

Kim Overtree

Kim has a Masters Degree in Musical Theater from The Boston Conservatory. She is the theater director at the Ethel Walker School where she also teaches math. Her involvement in local community and educational theater in the Pioneer Valley spans from directing to choreography to board of directors participation to performance on stage herself. Her desire to provide opportunities for artists to challenge themselves and audiences through quality performing arts without relying on mainstream limitations has led her to found Ghost Light with Kevin.

Kevin Tracy

Kevin got his love of theater when he was in high school. He played a small role in a big musical and has never strayed far from his art. At Springfield College he learned how to make theater happen without a theater department, just a group of students who loved what they were doing. It was there he learned a love for theater tech of all types. He has been active in the Valley for some time as an actor and a techie. In 2009 he began directing and found he might have a knack for it. Together with Kim, he aims to make Ghost Light a company that welcomes ideas and experimentation in an open environment.