Ghost Light Zombie Prom
Zombie Prom

Ghost Light Zombie Prom 2015!

Come be a part of our pseudo-high school celebration!

What the Hades is a Zombie Prom?

A Zombie Prom is a night of drinking, dancing and fun while dressed up like an undead prom king/queen. We will play your favorite prom songs. There will be snack foods and a cash bar.

But I don't have anything to wear!

No excuses! Get an old dress at a thrift store! We will have a Zombie Makeup Booth to help you look your worst.

Ok, I look my worst! Now what?

Make sure you get checked over by Hors D'Oeuvres, our host, and HBIC of Bon Appetit Burlesque!

Of course, you'll also need your ticket. Hit this button!

Ghost Light Zombie Prom